Meerkat Publishing

About Us

With such a wide array of print advertising mediums out there all claiming to be the Holy Grail, it's our job to sort out which ones are the articles of Legend and which are the Monty Python versions.


Print media buying is not just about getting the best possible rate but also getting you in front of the audience that your message is going to resonate with. This process begins with consultation with the client - a thorough understanding of who your ads are geared towards is essential for us to make informed decisions about which mediums are appropriate for us to approach on your behalf. Once we have gained a thorough idea of the demographic profile you are looking to reach we can make informed decisions on which publication(s) would be the most suitable and cost effective vehicles for you. One of the advantages we have in this regard is that we have multiple contacts with many of the nation's field leading magazines, allowing us greater insight into upcoming issues that might particularly suit your purpose as well as an inbuilt advantage in rate negotiation.


Discover (your needs)

Identify (suitable mediums)

Negotiate (excellent rates)

Consult (you with our proposals)

Act (put your campaign in play)


Meerkat Publishing are specialists in matching the right message with the right medium. All of our print buying professionals have extensive backgrounds in ad sales and understand perfectly how the industry works and how to get the best package for you.


We also provide ad design and layout services should they be required.